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Stotts College

Good quality educators are critical for academic success, and good teaching is so much about care and support. Our academic staff provide excellence in teaching, and we are serious about our student services and counselling, both academic and first language counselling. Stott’s remains true to its tradition of job-ready graduates, and Acknowledge Education has employed our graduates in accounting, student services and management. We are proud to be a successful business running business programs and attracting industry partnerships. Stott’s College meets stringent quality assurance standards in its administrative, delivery, staffing, facilities, marketing, and financial management. Stott’s College’s operations are regulated by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, the Australian Skills and Quality Agency, and the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority.

Top Courses

Community Services (Perth, Sydney and Melbourne)
Diploma of Community Services, you can graduate with the knowledge and skills to be a
valued professional worker in the community service industry. Upon completion of the course, you will have gained the theoretical and ethical foundation required to prepare you for a meaningful and stimulating career. This may include working in areas such as child and family services, domestic violence, employment support, community development, and migrant services, among others.

Bachelor of Community Services

Bachelor of Community Services is a fully accredited Australian higher education degree. The course at Stott’s College is designed to prepare you for ethical, competent, and culturally relevant community service generalist practice and to equip you with the skills you need for life-long learning and professional development. Upon completion, you will work at the interface between people and their environments, focusing on experiences of individuals, families, groups and communities. Some areas of service provision may include child welfare, hospice and palliative care, juvenile justice and corrections, and advocacy. You will be exposed to the theory and values base of human services practice, as well as the knowledge and necessary skills required to work as a professional in the community services sector. You will have the necessary foundation knowledge and skills in community services to continue to a relevant post-graduate higher education course at a university or a private higher education provider.

Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design (Perth, Sydney and Melbourne)

The Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design is a 2-year course and that will equip you with the practical and technical skills to work with civil engineers on the design and construction of infrastructure projects. You will develop skills in:

Using computer-aided drafting (CAD) software to produce detailed drawings, plans and designs for construction work

  • Project and risk management

  • Preparing geotechnical designs

  • Liaising with construction workers and project managers

  • Inspecting completed works to ensure they meet specifications and regulations

Stotts College Melbourne


This qualification reflects the role of an enrolled nurse working under supervision of a registered nurse. This qualification covers the application of skills and knowledge required to provide nursing care for people across all areas of the health sector.  Enrolled Nurses can work in all areas of hospital-based care, primary health care settings, aged care facilities, operating theatres, community nursing sector, mental health, and a broad range of other settings. You will have gained considerable skills and knowledge in the clinical environment, and around critical thinking, understanding of research and evidence-based care, which are essential skills moving into the nursing sector.


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