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Murdoch University

Murdoch University

Murdoch University

From our beginnings as a free-thinking university to the global centre for learning, teaching, research and industry we are today, we have never lost sight of our purpose. With more than 23,000 students and 1,700 staff from across 90 different countries, we are proud to be recognised for the impact that our free-thinking graduates, life-changing research, and innovative campus and industry developments have made – both in Western Australia and around the world.

Top Courses

Murdoch Perth


Would you like to build a career out of making a difference to people’s lives? Nurses do just that by providing healthcare in times of need – from acute health issues in emergency departments to home visits that assist the elderly to remain in their homes for longer.

Combine the professional person-centred approach of nursing with psychosocial and biological sciences as you learn the skills needed to become a Registered Nurse. You’ll also be equipped with lifetime access to a web-based ePortfolio, to showcase your knowledge and experience to prospective employees when you graduate.

Veterinary Science 

Since the graduation of our inaugural class in 1979, our free-thinking, inclusive ethos has underpinned our mission: to engage with industry and community to train the practitioners of the future, deliver research with impact and purpose and to advance excellence in veterinary science. With integrity and excellence at the heart our vision, our staff and students passionately promote the health, welfare and productivity of pets and animals, big and small.


Murdoch Business School embodies the spirit of free-thinking, inclusion and opportunity that underpinned its initial inception. The contributions, innovation, and leadership of the School’s more than 20,000 alumni have transformed businesses and communities across the globe.

Our courses, research and community engagement blend together our academic excellence, award winning student experience and strong industry links.


Murdoch Law School is committed to excellence in legal education and offers a range of courses in a $3.7 million world-class learning environment. The School is home to over 1,700 students participating in the undergraduate law or combined law degree, graduate law degree and postgraduate programs.


Accounting is essential to every industry – from your favourite products and platforms to your favourite sports teams and causes. This degree will give you the professional and creative skills you need to shape business interactions in a creative, well-informed and ethical way.

You’ll learn to identify business opportunities, analyse problems and put solutions in place. You’ll explore how to make decisions related to buying and selling shares, lending or borrowing money, and providing goods for cash or on credit.

You’ll also learn to interpret accounting standards, auditing standards and Australian taxation acts, as you gain new skills in financial statement analysis, forecasting and budgeting, negotiation, ethical decision-making and problem-solving.

Murdoch School of Engineering & Information Technology

STEM.JPGCurrently, more than 1,000 students are enrolled in over 30 degree options at undergraduate and postgraduate level, pursuing a number of professional disciplines, including chemistry, engineering, information technology, mathematics and statistics, physics, extractive metallurgy and energy studies.  Students of the school enjoy the use of a new $10.1 million teaching and research facility, opened in 2011.  The new building provides students with a real world experience and serves as a fully-integrated home base for the School.

The School of Engineering and Information Technology is an innovative faculty where students can pursue their studies in a stimulating learning environment.  Our school features world-class facilities and a highly qualified faculty, focussed on preparing students for careers in dynamic and challenging sectors.

Murdoch Dubai 

Dubai is widely known to be one of the most vibrant cities in the Middle East and is a destination that mixes modern culture with history, adventure, world-class shopping and entertainment, as well as numerous man-made architectural feats and attractions to keep you busy year round. Surrounded by sand dunes, the city also has stunning beaches and warm waters, together with year round sunshine, so it is little wonder that Dubai was recently named as one of the most attractive destinations in the world for students seeking to pursue studies abroad.

It is this multicultural environment and Dubai's openness and welcoming approach to all cultures that makes it such a wonderful destination to pursue higher education. The fact that Dubai is a gateway between Europe and Asia is another great advantage, allowing students the ability to explore and travel during their free time.

Master of Science in Information Technology

Organisations are increasingly dependent on Information Technology and its application in the business environment. This course is designed for IT and Information Systems professionals to develop and implement these in-demand IT management skills.

Internationally recognised, the Master of Science in IT will help you prepare for your management career in the Technology and IT sector, providing the knowledge and skills needed to lead teams across a range of IT specialties.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Our new world Master of Business Administration will enhance your professional skillset and put your innovative ideas to work. Led by leading academics, this course gives you a competitive edge in a rapidly changing corporate environment.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is oriented to the needs of today's and tomorrow's business leaders. The course comprises 8 units providing expert skills in creating and managing global businesses, leadership, strategy, accounting, organisational behaviour, economics and finance, marketing, entrepreneurships and business ethics.

You will gain practical insights and networking opportunities through access to industry speakers and projects through external companies.

Bachelor of Information Technology in Business Information Systems
All organisations depend on information systems. In this course, you will learn how information is generated, communicated, stored and used in a range of business activities.

You’ll learn the skills and knowledge you need to solve business problems as you build your understanding of information systems design, management and development. You will develop the kind of professional, problem-solving and personal skills you’ll need in your career. You’ll find many career opportunities across the world in the IT industry, or you could take on further studies or a research career.


Online Courses
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