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The benefits of studying in Australia

Have you ever dreamed about studying in Australia? It’s probably closer to a reality then you think, listed below are some of the benefits of studying in Australia that address common misconceptions about being an international student.

Working in Australia
Studying in Australia may not be cheap and often students think studying here means a lot of debt. But as an international student in Australia you are legally allowed to work up to 20 hours a week whilst studying full time and work full time during your study break. Since Australia has a reasonably high cost of living that money is invaluable, not only can you cover your living expenses but it takes away some of the financial strain from yourself and your family.

World Class Education
Australian universities and institutions offer education that is highly regarded internationally. This quality education means your course will be recognised across the globe, an added bonus when looking for jobs nationally or internationally. Out of the top 35 universities in Australia, 6 featured in the global ranking and are scattered across Australia. Australian qualifications are also very practical, most courses here offer a portion of practical learning, be it getting experience in a hospital if you study nursing or the ability to gain an internship if you are a business student. This real world experience is excellent for using on a resume when applying for jobs whilst reinforcing theories and concepts taught in class. Depending on what you study, your course may even have free excursions. This lets you see more of Australia with class friends all in the name of education.

Australia has an increasing variety of campus locations. There are options to study in the hustling urban environment or the slower suburbias, it depends on you and your preference. No matter where you study it’s pretty likely you will be close to some kind of scenic natural beauty. Australia is known for its pristine beaches, interesting wildlife and its outdoorsy culture. As an international student taking advantage of the beautiful natural scenery means you see what Australia is truly like without breaking your budget.

Australia is a multicultural hub and is incredibly diverse. In fact ⅓ of students in Perth, WA are international students from all over the globe. In Australia diversity is celebrated, and can provide a sense of belonging to those who may miss home through its multiculturalism. 26% of the Australian population was born overseas and according to Australian census data over 300 different languages are spoken in Australian homes. Australia is also incredibly diverse when it comes to religion, with Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Judaism being the most popular in the nation. Cultural diversity is one of Australia’s strengths and is central to our national identity.

Having Fun
It's pretty easy to achieve a work-life balance in Australia. Even if you work 20 hours a week and study full time, you will still have time to go and have fun whilst you’re here. There are heaps of activities in varying locations for varying prices and there is always a new destination opening or another sunset to watch. In Perth there is plenty to see whether you are close to the city or hours away. Stay tuned for more info about the places to see in Perth.

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