Study to be a Medical Doctor in Malaysia

I always wanted to be a Medical Doctor. I study hard in High School and my grades are good. Now I'm ready to study medicine. I told my parents my dreams and they said yes, yes, Son, you will be a doctor one day. I want to be a doctor. So in my 'A' Level, I make sure I picked Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. 

Asia Metropolitan University based in Johore Bahru, Malaysia (1 hour away from Singapore by car) is a good option. The fees are affordable. 5 years of full time studies, a safe place and the opportunity to travel to Singapore and other parts of Asia. It's a dream location for me to study. 

Is this your dream too? If it is, contact us today  and we will help you to enrol into the University. Don't wait - as time waits for no man. 

Tracy HopkinsComment