Write your best Cover Letter

Rethinking the cover letter - You know, someone once said, "think big, think creatively and think about multiple possible futures." When you're writing a cover letter, identify your skills and attributes that your employers are looking for.

I would do some research on the company I'm applying for.  For example, their current projects, mission statement and so on.

I once interviewed a lady for an admin job and when I asked her what do know about the company -guess her response. She said we are retail company. Well, I said I suggest you look around and see if we are selling any products. We are in a service industry, not a retail industry. There's a big difference!

Find the name of the person to whom you should address your letter. Please, don't be lazy and simply address them as Sir/Madam. C'mon, you can do better than this. 

I would categorise my skills and capabilities by the advertised role as either:

a. Things I like and do well

b. Things I don't like but do well

c. Things I like but find it difficult to do

d. Things I don't like and struggle to do.

These days, with the incoming of the GIG economy, you should demonstrate your abilities in areas such as:

a. Complex problem solving

b. Critical thinking

c. Creativity

d. Emotional Intelligence

e. Cognitive flexibility

Well, I hope this blog gets you thinking about how to write a better cover letter. 

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