Applying to study in Australia

So you are intending to apply to study in Australia. The length of time that it takes is consuming from your end and from our end as an education agent. To speed up the process read below.

We suggest:

1. Know what you want to study. If not, do some homework online and speak to your friends and family members. We can help you decide and provide you with information, fees and so on but it does help if we know what you want to do.

2. It can take from 18 to 72 days for the Australian government to process your student visa application before a decision is made about where you will be granted a student visa. 

3. Financial statements with enough cash in the bank is critical. These bank statements can be yours, from a family member or other sponsor.  

4. English tests are vital- these determine your English proficiency level and demonstrate your English ability to study. Certain courses require certain English proficiencies.

5. Provide yourself and us enough time to have all the application in place. It takes from 4 to 8 months for countries such as Africa to have all the documents in place. Yes, 8 months. 

Like to know more, send us an email or call us.