Confused on what to do after graduation? What’s next?

If you’re graduating soon, it’s time to plan what you’ll do next.

When studies are completed, you may want to extend your learning experience. This could be via doing a course relevant to your current profession. Or, it could be something entirely different! The world is your oyster! Regardless, Studywest is here to help you discover your options, and support you on your next journey!

Studywest can assist you in finding the next steps if you are:

  • About to graduate
  • Considering what your options may be after studying in Australia
  • Looking to gain further qualifications after graduation
  • Considering changing your field of study
  • Interested in studying at a different institution or in a different city

Below are examples of what you might want to do next!

 Current Possible future

 Vocational education and training Undergraduate degree

 Language course Undergraduate study or vocational course

 Undergraduate course Postgraduate study or vocational course

 Postgraduate course Professional year

Mark David Teo