How to prove you're Financially Stable for Visas!

proving you're financially stable

When studying internationally the student needs to have access to enough money in the bank to prove that they will be financially stable.

Who can hold the monies?

The finances can be from a direct family member, or from their own bank account. For example, a parent, or sibling can provide financial statements. However, a family friend is considered an unlikely candidate.

How much monies?

One year of your course tuition + living cost for the first year (20k AUD). The money should be stable in the account over the last 4-6 months.

Example: If the course is two years, 10k first year, 8k second year. The total amount needed in the bank would be:

The average of one year tuition: (10+8)/2 = 9k
One year living expenses 20k AUD

Total: 29k AUD proof of finances in the bank.

Great! I hope that helped! Let us know if you have any questions!