When to Apply for a Student visa to Australia (Part 1)


Last week, ApplyBoard have published statistics on student visas!

Click here to see the data

They believe if we follow these guidelines, students visa success rate should increase.

*The following information is based on ApplyBoards statistics.

  1. When to Apply (This article)
  2. Financially Stable Students
  3. Age of Students
  4. Gender
  5. Unstable Areas in the World
  6. Education GAP
  7. Student’s Background Matches the Selected Program
  8. Level of Education the student is Applying to
  9. English Language Requirements
  10. Write a Good Study Plan
  11. Tuition Deposits
  12. Tuition Payments
  13. Previous Visa Refusal
  14. Existing Immigration Files
  15. Agent Follow-up with students

Studying in Perth has many factors.

As there are 15 categories, we've decided to split this blog post into multiple parts.

1. When to Apply

The sooner a student applies the more likely they are going to have their visa accepted. Earlier applications allow more thought and time to be put into the application process, and institutions and officers take this into account.

As time passes it takes longer to process applications. The closer to the deadline date, the more applications come in. Therefore, it's better to submit earlier so you beat the queue.

Statistically, Applyboard claim that visa officers approve student applications more often when there is a minimum of two months before the start date of the program.

i.e. (time to get a visa in your country + 2 months before the program starts = when student should apply for visa) .

As future posts are updated, I will update the links here.

Studying in Perth should be easy!

'Till next time!


Mark David Teo