Study to be a Medical Doctor in Malaysia

I always wanted to be a Medical Doctor. I study hard in High School and my grades are good. Now I'm ready to study medicine. I told my parents my dreams and they said yes, yes, Son, you will be a doctor one day. I want to be a doctor. So in my 'A' Level, I make sure I picked Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. 

Asia Metropolitan University based in Johore Bahru, Malaysia (1 hour away from Singapore by car) is a good option. The fees are affordable. 5 years of full time studies, a safe place and the opportunity to travel to Singapore and other parts of Asia. It's a dream location for me to study. 

Is this your dream too? If it is, contact us today  and we will help you to enrol into the University. Don't wait - as time waits for no man. 

South African- Studying in Western Australia

Do you know there are 181,000 South Africans living in Australia according to the ABS statistics? The number has increased by 48 per cent compared to the numbers in 2006. 

The number of Africans living in Sydney and Perth are the highest. Choose to study in Perth would be ideal for the number of South Africans are many. You will feel at home and yes, there are plenty of shops that sell what you like to eat. 

If you've completed your NSC, your school leaving certificate, English language competence that is required, meet the required university points and financial sound, Studywest would love to be your Education Agent to take you through the process of University and visa application. 

We are here for you.